Candidate communication

Use Homerun to send or schedule emails, set up events, and have a simple overview of candidates still waiting for a first reply.

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You can use Homerun to easily reach out to candidates and set up interviews, calls, or other events. All communication, as well as past and future events, are saved in the candidate's Timeline. In this article, we'll highlight 2 candidate communication actions and we'll share a few tips and tricks to optimize your workflow.

1. Sending an email to a candidate
Use Homerun to quickly send emails and get a notification when candidates reply. With the help of email templates and placeholders, you can easily personalize bulk-emails or quickly send an email to a single candidate. Have a look at this article to learn more about sending emails to candidates.

2. Creating an event
Create and manage events with candidates right from Homerun. For more about creating events, check out this article.

In addition, there are a few tricks that will help you optimize your workflow:

1. Scheduling an email

Easily schedule emails to be sent out to candidates at a later time or a later date. Learn more in this article on How to schedule an email.

2. Getting back to candidates on time

The first reply status on the job overview page and the candidate profile lets you know which new candidates are still waiting for a reply after their application. Check out this article to learn more about getting back to candidates in time.

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