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Google Integration for events
Google Integration for events

Easily integrate your Google Calendar with Homerun to keep track of your events

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This feature is available in our Mini, Light, Basic and Plus plan.

Connecting Google Calendar to Homerun

1. From anywhere in the tool, click Settings in the sidebar

2. Click Integrations in the Customize section

3. In the Google Calendar block, click Connect Google Calendar. From here, you’ll be prompted to log into your Google account and grant access to your calendar:

You can now start creating events that will automatically show up in your Google calendar. Want to learn more about creating and managing events? Read more.

The calendar you’ve connected will be your default calendar for events:

When creating a new event within a candidate profile, it’s possible to select your preferred calendar in the dropdown menu:

How changes to events are reflected in Google Calendar

Changing event details

Changes made to your events (such as date, time, duration or cancellation) within Homerun and Google Calendar will sync with each other and be reflected in both Homerun and Google Calendar.

Moving events to a different calendar

The organizer of the event is the only person who can move the event to a different calendar after the event has been created. If the organizer moves the event to a different calendar, there won’t be any notification for attendees. Attendees can still see the event, but they are not able to make any changes. The organizer will always see the event. The only way they will not is if they lose access to the Google Calendar the event is attached to. This can happen when a colleague revokes access to a Google Calendar the organizer was once part of.

Deleting the integration

If the organizer of the event decides to remove/delete the Google Calendar integration, the event will still be visible in the calendar, but updates will not be reflected in the calendar anymore.

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