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How do I set up or change an application form?
How do I set up or change an application form?
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Set up a customized application form for each job opening to ask for the right data, and receive rich and personal answers from candidates.

Setting up or changing an application form

  1. From anywhere in the tool, click Jobs in the sidebar

  2. Click on the job you would like to adjust the application form for. Click on Apply form in the job navigation at the top of your screen

  3. To change the information you ask of candidates in "Personal info", click the Edit icon at "Contact details" or "Experience" and switch the toggle to add or remove a field. You can select the checkbox to mark a field as required

  4. At "Questions", add your questions by clicking + Add question and choosing a question type. Click the Edit icon next to a question to edit or hide the question, change it to a small or large answer field, or mark the question as required. To remove questions, click the small x icon

  5. Add an "Assignment" where a candidate can add a longer answer, and/or upload multiple files

  6. Then, click Save changes in the top right corner.

Note: Any changes made are only for the application form of this job opening.

How come my questions aren't visible in the application form?

Here's a quick checklist you can go over to troubleshoot:

  • Is the Questions block enabled? Go to the Apply form via the job navigation and check if the Questions are enabled (the toggle is set to green)

  • Did you maybe hide the questions? Go to the Apply form via the job navigation and check if the questions are marked as "hidden". Simply click the edit icon and switch the toggle at "Hide from apply form"

  • Did you add questions in the right language? If you’re using multiple languages, you’ll need to add questions for every language. In the Live Editor of the job post, check which language you’re currently editing (notice the language switch in the top left corner). Then click Apply form in the job navigation and add the correct translation to "Questions".

Note: If you're looking for a way to customize the layout of the application form, you can check out this article.

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