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Use your job settings to set up an apply form, set a social share image, manage the hiring team and more.

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Job settings allow you to have full control over the details of your job post and the hiring process. This includes a custom application form, confirmation email, share settings, job stages and the hiring team. In this article, we'll walk through the different options to explain what they are and how they work.

Finding the job settings

To get to job settings, go to one of your jobs and click the Settings icon in the top right corner:

You'll notice there are several settings displayed at the left side.

We'll explain them below.


When you open the job settings, you land in the General tab where you can make changes to the general job details like the job title, job type, department, location, the URL and visibility (Public or Private).

Share settings

When you share your job on social media, you can provide an image and a description. You can use the Share settings of the job to upload a share image and set a description.

Job boards

The structured data you provide here is shared with integrations you’ve enabled, like Google for Jobs, LinkedIn Limited Listings and XML feeds for Indeed and VONQ. Your active public jobs are automatically scraped by Google and added to Google for Jobs. To make it easier for candidates to find your job, and make it look better in Google Search results, you can complete the job details here. You can also decide here if you want to include this job in LinkedIn Limited Listings.

Confirmation email

After candidates have applied, they'll automatically receive a confirmation email with a copy of their application. There's a default confirmation email, but you can also set a custom confirmation email specifically for this job. We explain more about how these work in How do I edit the default confirmation email? and How do I add a custom confirmation email?

First reply status

If you've set up a default first reply status, the first reply reminder will automatically show up for a candidate that is still waiting on a first reply after their application. Over here you can set a custom first reply reminder for this specific job post.

Hiring stages

In this section, you can specify the different stages a candidate has to go through. A new job automatically has the default job stages you've set for your account. Over here you can adjust the stages for this specific job post.

Hiring team

You can put together a team of hiring members that will all receive a notification when a new candidate has applied. Hiring team members are able to view all candidate profiles in that job, write notes, rate candidates, send emails, schedule events, and move, delete, and reject candidates. For more information on hiring teams, check out How do I manage or add users in Homerun?

Pause applications

If you've published your job but decided to hold off on hiring for now, you can pause applications and keep the job active and online. This way candidates can still find your job opening and ask to be notified when you resume hiring. Check out How do I pause applications? for more information.

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